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Fitness Friday: yoga mats

Fitness FridayI can’t believe it’s Friday again, but here is another Fitness Friday post!

First, I’d like to jump up and down a little bit at the news that I’m now a member of the Mamavation Sistahood!  This means being an official part of a really fantastic online “sorority”dedicated to making healthy choices.  I’m really happy to be a part of the site, which has already made me some great friendships and helped me a little farther along on my journey!  If you’re looking for a great group of supportive women, I’d definitely recommend checking out Mamavation.

For today’s fitness update, I want to start with a review…

A while ago I won a prize from POM Wonderful.  I was lucky enough to be a grand prize winner in their Fit Challenge, which meant winning a great package of prizes including a case of POM pomegranate juice and a bunch of great stuff from Nike.  I mentioned the socks here.  Included in the package was a really cute Nike hat (which is too small for my freakishly large head, but looks great on my daughter) and a pair of Nike running shoes that will be tried out when I make my triumphant return to C25K in the fall.  I finally, however, made use of the awesome yoga/pilates mat that came with the swag.

Now, like a lot of you I imagine, I have a couple of yoga mats.  One was the cheapest one they sold at Target, which I bought a few years ago for a yoga class and have since used a handful of times.  The second one is one I got a FitBloggin and… now that I think about it, I haven’t used that one at all except for the morning yoga on the last day of FitBloggin.  So this is my third yoga mat and despite relatively regular sessions of yoga, pilates, or other floor work… I never really use any of them.  So when I decided to do the NYC Ballet Workout again today, I thought it would be a great time to try out the new mat.

Since it was the first time I’d used it, it had some lumps and bumps that made it a less than smooth surface… but I can tell those will disappear with use.  The NYC workout has a TON of floor work between warmups, stretches, ab work, and floor barre, so this was a great time to give the mat a run.  I LOVED it.  It is easily the most comfortable mat I’ve ever used, a lot more padding without feeling bulky beneath me.  It comes with a really cool tie/handle/string that acts as a holder to keep it rolled and as a carrying strap.  It’s a great, bright color, and the texture makes it easier to stay put on the mat AND have it stay put on the floor.  I will definitely be using this mat from now on.

As for my actual fitness routine this week… I feel like I’m not working nearly as hard as I did last month with the Jillian workouts.  At first I worried about it, and then I decided that’s just fine.  Every month doesn’t have to be this serious, intense business.  This month I am still moving and getting stronger, and I am enjoying the slower pace of some new workouts in the process.  I’m loving the NYC workout, and I’m still doing lots of cardio and tossing in some Pilates as well.  I’m feeling really good about my fitness routine and, unlike the end of last month, I’m no longer dreading my workouts.


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2 Responses

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  2. I’ll have to check out that NYC ballet video!

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