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Really, really bad

Oh man, you guys.  Today was… bad.  I woke up feeling crampy and cranky thanks to my cycle.  I then found out it was raining and would be all day, which cancelled my planned long walk.  THEN I weight in and saw ZERO loss in weight or inches, even though I tried really hard to cut back this week to speed up the weight loss.  Between the hormones, the gray clouds and rain, and the progress disappointments… I just let it all go.

I ate cookies for breakfast.  I ate a bacon cheeseburger and fries for lunch, and then we stopped for ice cream on the way home.  I ate half of a buffalo chicken calzone for dinner, and then made rice krispie treats.  I feel horrid.   I feel sluggish and a little sick.

I’m not allowing myself to feel guilty about today’s choices… and I will definitely be starting anew tomorrow… but the whole thing has made me wonder two things.

#1 – After so many times doing this, why haven’t I learned?  I know now that the food isn’t going to taste as good as I want it to, and it doesn’t help anything.  In fact, it tends to make me sick and that just makes everything worse.  So why do I do it over and over again?

#2 – I was worried earlier in the week that I wasn’t working hard enough, since I’m definitely not as sore or sweaty as I was during my month-o-Jillian.  I decided that was alright, but now that I’ve hit a standstill, maybe it’s not alright?  Maybe I need to be pushing harder?  I know it’s partly hormones, but last month I still lost during that week…

Anyway, I’d appreciate your thoughts on all of this… and I promise to get back to tracking tomorrow.


5 Responses

  1. Give yourself some love, cut you yourself some slack, and just feel your feelings. Realize that the journey requires that we take a step backwards once in a while…it’s part of the overall process. Progress doesn’t always look like “success.”

    And if you haven’t yet, please pick up a copy of Women Food & God and read it…

  2. H, I’ve done it also. More times than I’d like to remember, but it has happened. I have felt badly and have wondered the same thing – WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS??? I finally realize I am eating in response to feelings or to hide them. It’s not about the food. It’s hard to acknowledge and so much easier to eat than to deal with sometimes. But, this is all a journey and will take time to work through those issues.

    Hang in there and be kind to yourself. You are working REALLY hard and I think you just have to give it time. Who knows, you could get on the scale tomorrow and have it read a totally different number! I know it’s hard during the weight loss journey, but try not to let the scale dictate your self-worth. You made some great strides this week and you should feel good about all that you have accomplished. Every good choice counts, I always say! Stay the course. You will get there. We can do this!

  3. […] My no good, really bad food day […]

  4. Awww… *Hugs* we ALL have days like that!! I’ve been watching you and you’re doing grat!!! Dust yourself off and lets hit this new week RUNNING!!! 😉 #WeGotThis

  5. I really do think it’s just important to let go of the day and start over again the next day. It’s going to be up and down. Maybe this is a sign you need to ease up? Give yourself that special treat once a week, or even once a day in a teeny dose.

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