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Mamavation Monday: bounce

Wow… I look a little weird in that video, huh?  I was tired after a long, humid walk.

bouncing basketballI’ve got to tell you, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself this week.  After Saturday’s HORRIBLE eating, I was expecting the typical cycle of guilt and embarrassment.  I’m not going to say I wasn’t at all guilty or embarrassed, but it was different this time.  Of course I wish I hadn’t done it, but for the first time… maybe ever… I was able to walk away from those bad choices like they didn’t matter.  I was able to say with absolutely certainty that this was NOT the beginning of a backslide into bad habits.  I knew without a doubt I’d get back on track, and within 24 hours I was eating healthy foods and walking three miles.

I bounced back with a vengeance, and in some ways this has made that unhealthy, vicious splurge of a day into a positive.  In some ways, Saturdays string of bad nutritional decisions has become a bigger victory than falling numbers on the scale or smaller measurements or more time logged in exercise.

Finally, this is about the journey.


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10 Responses

  1. Awesome job at not beating yourself up. We all have those days where we eat the wrong things or we dont exercise….the key is to shake it off and move on!

  2. You are so amazing, you choked me up in your video and your mention of homemade guac totally reminded me it’s time to eat. LOL

    I don’t know that I’m the best fitness cheerleader but I hope to feel like I’m one of the people you’re thanking in amazing videos like this in the future. I love Mamavation and you are an inspiration with just doing it and breaking your own cycle.

  3. I have to agree with you that this Mamavation is amazing! Every new page that I read, just keeps building my enthusiasm to get fit!!

  4. I’m very proud of you! You are successfully changing your lifestyle. You are going to eat bad occasionally because that’s reality and that’s okay as long as you are exercising. We don’t want to talk about my bad food choices last week (i.e. last night I had a Breusters sundae for dinner among other bad things lol). It’s about being able to go right back to eating the right things the next day or the next week. Way to stay the course!! I’m getting ready to purchase my first road bike soon, so I can continue my pursuit of another triathlon! Hopefully my current good health will continue so I can start planning for another race.

  5. Good job turning things around. Keep it up and keep on pushing through this you will succeed!

  6. Nice job rebounding, this is about the journey! I hope you can be relaxed about recent mishaps, but still be diligent.

  7. LOVE that attitude! It will take you far. You better believe it. 🙂

  8. This is wonderful!!! I think that having a “slip” but not letting it snowball into days and days of bad habits is a HUGE victory! 🙂

  9. Good job on not being hard on yourself, that’s never good. An off-plan choice is fine, just don’t make it a habit! Good luck this week!

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