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About Me

I am a 30 year old mom, freelance writer, and blogger.  I am working on a graduate degree in education after getting my Bachelors in art history & classical studies in 2007.


  1. Skinny Sushi
  2. Yummy Sushi Pajamas – personal stories, updates on my daughter
  3. Over the Fence – a group blog with posts on parenting, Hollywood, social issues, nutrition, and more…
  4. VinoList – wine reviews and articles


  1. Chariots Return to Rome – an article about the reintroduction of chariot races to the city of Rome.
  2. Ancient Egypt: Djed Pillars – a long article about the use of djed pillars in the funerary art of Dynastic Egypt.
  3. José Clemente Orozco: Murals at Dartmouth College – an art history article about Orozco’s Dartmouth mural cycle.
  4. From Classroom to Career: The Transition from School to the Work World
  5. The Diary of an Adult University Student
  6. The Power of an Image: Artistic Meaning and International Scandal — an examination of Western views of religious art, imagery, and Islam in light of 2006 cartoons published with images considered insulting to Islamic beliefs and practices.
  7. Artemisia Gentileschi: Feminist Expression in her Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting — a look at Artemisia Gentileschi’s role as a female artist during the Renaissance.
  8. Medications During Pregnancy
  9. Amalia Mesa-Bains: Art and Chicana Culture — an artist profile of Amalia Mesa-Bains and her work with installations that bring Chicana culture to the mainstream.
  10. Traveling with Kids in DC

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