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Another magic pill

magic pill


According to an article from Yahoo! news today, there is a new diet pill being tested.

According to the results from a relatively small test group (around 3,000 people) the pill helped almost 50% of the study participants to lose five percent of their body weight in a year.  Only 20% of the placebo participants also lost weight.  Because a mich lower than normal percentage of people stayed active in the study, it’s being assumed that side effects are of little concern.

During a second phase of testing, placebo takers continued on while the pill group was split into those continuing the pill and those switched to a placebo.  Patients and doctors were not told who was who.  The study touts the success of the drug by pointing out that 68% of the patients who kept taking the drug were successful in keeping off the lost weight.  They gloss over the fact that 50% of those who were switched to the placebo pill still managed to maintain their weight loss.

So what does this say to me?  People just need a little push, a jumpstart, a helping hand.  They need something that makes them feel like it’s not all up to them in the beginning…. and then once they see results, a fair number of them will be able to keep it up without the initial help.

Does that mean I think the pill is a good idea?  No.  I do think there are people out there who are so dangerously overweight that even more risky measures *might* (with the aid and support of doctors and nutritionists) be better for them than staying where they are… but I can’t help thinking there is a lot of worth in doing things the “hard” way.

By getting up every morning and making the decision to eat right and move more, even when you’re so heavy that taking a short walk gets you out of breath… even when the results are painfully slow and gradual… you are changing not just your body, but your mind and spirit too.  By continuing to push through every day, despite the struggle and the delay and the emotional issues you might be carrying, you’re strengthening yourself inside and out.  And for me, when I finally get to the end of this weight loss journey and step onto the path of “healthy and staying that way,” I am going to look back with immense pride knowing that I did this on my own.  I did it even though it took forever.  I did it even when I felt like I couldn’t.

So if you’re out there and you’re feeling desperate, you’ve tried everything and nothing works, you just don’t know what else to do because you hate your own body, and you’re thinking of taking a diet pill?  If you read that Yahoo article happily?  Please don’t.  Just go for a walk.  Get up every day and make the best choice you can.  Get up and remind yourself how very much you are worth the work, the effort, and finally the beautiful result that is your own improved health.

(In unrelated news, I won a giveaway on Peanut Butter Fingers!  –I love her blog!– and now I’m looking forward to some Snikiddy fries!  I don’t know what kind they’re sending, but I really am hoping for the ketchup and the buffalo!)


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