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Mamavation Monday: Move It & Lose It

Watch Lives ChangeOkay, I’m an idiot and thought the Move It & Lose It challenge started THIS week… but it turns out it started last week…  So I don’t even know if it counts that I’m doing a post for it now.  I’ll try anyway though, and hope for the best.

Here’s my weigh in for this week:

Feet on scale - 187.2

Feet on scale - 187.2

Current weight: 187.2
Previous weight:  190.6
Starting weight: 225
Week change: -3.4
Total change: -37.8

So yeah… I’m THRILLED!  After last Saturday’s crazy bingefest, I worked really hard all week to eat well and move more, and it clearly paid off!  I’m feeling really good about it.

Here are my measurements:

Left arm: 13.5in
Right arm: 13.5in
Chest: 39.5in
Bellybutton: 38in
Hip: 44in
Left thigh: 24.5in
Right thigh: 24.5in

I never took my measurements in January when I started this whole health journey, so the earliest comparison I have is to measurements I took in March.  Since mid-March, I’ve lost 3.5 inches in my chest, 3.5 inches from my waist, and 3.25 inches from my hips.  That feels pretty awesome.

And… my pics:

187-front 187-side 187-back————————-

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30 Day Slimdown RESULTS

So here they are, my progress pics for the end of the 30 Day Slimdown Jillian Michaels challenge.  I’ve spent all month excited to take these pictures and then when it came time to actually do it I found myself nervous.  What if you couldn’t see a difference?

30 Day Slimdown resultsYou can click to make it bigger.  Honestly, I don’t see a difference.  I don’t see ANY change at all, and I am SO frustrated by it.  I’ve never worked out so much or so hard as I have in the last month, and I see no change.  I’ve lost five pounds, but I lost five pounds the month before too, when I was working out significantly less.  I feel like what little change there is does not justify how hard I worked this month.

Am I doing something wrong?  I was so sure I’d see huge changes, significant slimming… and instead, I see nothing.  Yes, the measurements look better… but this is all just so SLOW.  I know it’s slow sometimes, but I feel like it’s slow all the time lately.  Other people are flying past me in their inch/weight loss totals without working nearly as hard.  I had big hopes for the Jillian challenge because she promises such huge results.  I watch the stupid shows and see people losing fifty pounds or more in two months.  I’ve lost just under 35 pounds in six months… and it seems like the loss is getting slower.

I know I should be focusing on the positives.  I know I should be thinking about the fact that I feel stronger, that my husband says he sees real change, that I have lost a good number of inches this month.  I know I should be thinking about the fact that I am seeing consistent losses, week after week, since starting this huge workout push.  I’m just having a hard time with it I guess, since I want to see MORE BIGGER BETTER NOW.

So I’m asking for a little help today.  I need you to help boost my spirits.  Tell me about how this happened to you but you reached your fitness goals anyway.  Tell me something funny, even if it’s totally unrelated.  Give me something to smile about while I sift through the inane conversations of the ridiculous gaggle of winter birds who’ve descended on my previously quiet, originally empty corner of Starbucks despite the rest of the place being starkly empty.


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Quick Update

At the suggestion of some friends who’ve done this whole weight loss thing successfully, I took measurements this morning and… I’ve lost three inches since the end of December when I started this whole journey.

I am eternally grateful to my friends, because seeing the inches gone was such a huge lift and totally re-motivated me to keep this thing going.

So, if you didn’t see weight loss this week, try measuring.  If you still don’t see loss, don’t give up.  No matter what, those healthier choices ARE a benefit and if you keep it up you will see results.

Now, mighty internet, it’s your job to refer me back to this post the next time I have a motivational freak out.  🙂