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Mamavation Monday: bounce

Wow… I look a little weird in that video, huh?  I was tired after a long, humid walk.

bouncing basketballI’ve got to tell you, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself this week.  After Saturday’s HORRIBLE eating, I was expecting the typical cycle of guilt and embarrassment.  I’m not going to say I wasn’t at all guilty or embarrassed, but it was different this time.  Of course I wish I hadn’t done it, but for the first time… maybe ever… I was able to walk away from those bad choices like they didn’t matter.  I was able to say with absolutely certainty that this was NOT the beginning of a backslide into bad habits.  I knew without a doubt I’d get back on track, and within 24 hours I was eating healthy foods and walking three miles.

I bounced back with a vengeance, and in some ways this has made that unhealthy, vicious splurge of a day into a positive.  In some ways, Saturdays string of bad nutritional decisions has become a bigger victory than falling numbers on the scale or smaller measurements or more time logged in exercise.

Finally, this is about the journey.


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What To Do When Plans Fail

After weighing in on Saturday morning and seeing such a fantastic number, I was determined to get all hardcore with the food/exercise this week to speed up the approach of the magical Onederland.  Of course, then the weekend happened and nearly derailed those plans.

Saturday was pretty good until we ended up, unexpectedly, at an Asian buffet for dinner where nearly everything was fried.  I tried to fill up on green beans, but still ended up with too much black pepper chicken.  Sunday was fine, although I did have to survive the cake at a baby shower.  I ate lots of baby carrots, stuck to one glass of punch, and shared my small piece of cake with Evi, who enjoyed every bite.

So I didn’t exactly wreck everything, but I did eat more calories than my ideal plan would have allowed for.  Plus, thanks to general malaise after a busy weekend, I ended up skipping last night’s run in favor of doing it tonight.  Now I feel bad about getting off to such a terrible start.  When I am at home, during our normal routine, I do an awesome job.  Even on weekends I do well when there is nothing special going on, but as soon as plans change, as soon as something new happens, I am a mess.  I don’t do well at all with changes in my carefully structured plan.

For instance, the buffet on Saturday.  We’d originally intended to go to a sushi place, where I already knew what the best choices would be.  Unfortunately, the place turned out to be closed and we had to fish around for other plans.  I tried to push for Greek food, where I knew I could have a salad and some roasted chicken and be alright, but everyone wanted Chinese.  So we tried the buffet, and nearly everything was fried.  I was all set to blame it on the buffet choices too, which were admittedly skewed toward the unhealthy, but the truth is that I could have done things differently.  I could have had a small serving of rice with a very small spoonful of the two fried dishes I wanted to try, and then I could have stuffed myself with green beans.  The beans were, in fact, very good.  I also could have skipped the fried donuts and stuck to the little miniature coffee cake.  Instead, I had no rice, two large spoonfuls of each fried dish, only one small serving of green beans, and TWO fried donuts.  It’s not the end of the world, and I am not really concerned about the food at all, but it does teach me that I don’t do well when I have to think on my feet.  I plan for everything, and if my plan gets tossed, I don’t always know what to do.

From now on, I think I need to be a little bit more flexible.  I need to think more openly, to allow myself the mental room I need to figure these things out.  Until I master that, I’ll be spending today doing the cheerleader strength training workout, taking a half hour morning walk with my daughter, repeating week 2 of Couch to 5K, and trying to fit in the final week of this semester’s graduate work alongside some freelance stuff I need to get going while still managing to make sure my daughter feels loved, cared for, and paid attention to.

Me, busy?  Nah.